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Innovative artists, designers and makers of bespoke surfaces and specialist finishes for the ultra luxury market.

Welcome to Surface.

The samples shown on our website are just some examples of our work. All finished surfaces are bespoke, custom designed and handcrafted to specification.

With over 20 years of experience in decorative arts, design, restoration and interior decoration, Surface Dsgn began as the collaboration of designer, Steven Espindola and master craftsman, Mark Turner. 

Unable to find suitable finishes for his interior projects, Steven approached Mark's reputable workshop for inspiration. Having similar ideas, a highly creative approach and a great deal of technical experience, they decided to work together on a handful of commissions.

Our multi-skilled team now work internationally with private individuals, corporate clients, retailers, architects and designers to create and install bespoke surfaces and specialist finishes for the ultra luxury market. 

From our U.K based studios, we undertake a diverse range of projects from large-scale interior installations to individual product design. 

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- The Surface Team

Steven Espindola  | @2018 Surface Dsgn

Steven Espindola | @2018 Surface Dsgn

Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of drawing with my dad. He used to scribble on sheets of paper and we would find images in it. He would lean back, squint his eyes, find a character and draw it out. It amazed me that we could make something out of nothing and it taught me how to look beyond the obvious. 

In the years following, art and design became a passion. I have always been fascinated with the design of things and the way that it shapes the world around us. 

A creative approach has provided a fulfilling career for me over the past 20 years. Alongside developing a number of properties, much of my career has been spent in business development within blue chip companies. I later formed my own consultancy within the fine art and antiques sector before moving into luxury interior decoration.

I now very much enjoy spending the majority of my time with clients, proactively managing new projects from concept through to completion.

Mark Turner  | @2018 Surface Dsgn

Mark Turner | @2018 Surface Dsgn

I have been working with paint, gold leaf and many other materials now for 25 years. In the 1990's I graduated from Manchester University with a first class BA Hons degree in Restoration and Conservation. After graduation, I moved to London to work at various leading restoration and framing companies before setting up my own business in 1999.

Throughout my career I have been restoring, re-gilding and matching finishes in various mediums. Most of my commissions come from clients wanting to create very specific and technically demanding finishes. 

My interest in surface design started from an early age. I was interested in the fact that every object undergoes a great deal of consideration as to it's end result and appearance, which I think many people take for granted. 

Working on new finishes has allowed me to utilise my years of knowledge and skills to create unique, interesting and high quality surfaces within the interior design and furniture industries. I particularly enjoy working with designers to create finishes that compliment a specific theme or environment. 

I relocated to Devon from London in 2004 where I currently live, close to our workshop near Exeter. Work often takes us further afield across the U.K and abroad and I still spend a lot of time on the London scene.


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